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For Teachers

The Rural Debate Initiative is a one-stop solution for all debate-related resources, from virtual coaching, to curriculum materials, and to lesson impact measurement. We provide everything a school needs to build a successful debate program, while working closely with each school on your schedule to achieve important learning and development goals. We serve schools with grades 7-12. 

Why Partner with RuDI?

We are here to simplify the often costly and complicated process of starting and maintaining a competitive debate program. In addition to the cost of hiring coaches and purchasing materials, competing at 1 major debate tournament for 1 team could mean:


2 * $150 (2 hotel rooms for 2 nights, one for the team one for the coach)


$100 (travel cost for 3)


$75 (tournament entry fee)


$400 (payment for coaches for 3 days of work) + 3 * $100 (meal for 3 for 3 days)


= $1,175 for one in-state tournament within driving distance

It doesn't have to be this way. 

Partnering with RuDI gives you the opportunity to develop and sustain a debate program with:

  • No fees for teachers or students to participate

  • Limited time commitment from high school teachers to support the coaching sessions

  • Easy access to coaches and quality training materials

  • No cost to participate in tournaments

  • Flexible and professional support every step along the way

Ready to start but still have questions? Read our introductory deck below or schedule a call with us to chat more. 

Access a copy of our secondary school partnership presentation here

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