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At the Rural Debate Initiative, we have plenty of resources to help the individual student succeed as a debater. Read on to find the corresponding resources that are the most applicable to your situation. 

What You Can Expect by Joining Our Programs

Debate, but More Than Debate

Debate Coaching

Online Camps and Tournaments

Supplemental Programs

  • Weekly online coaching sessions

  • Professor endorsed coaching materials that cover critical communication and argumentative skills

  • Experienced coaches that listen and support

  • Personalized instruction in a small group setting

  • Practice-forward classes that build skills through speaking practices and mini-debates

  • Free online tournaments that bypass cost barriers

  • Free online summer camps that further develop debate skills and a chance to interact with peer debaters

  • Academic and professional focused additional programs

  • College application assistance: scholarship offerings (particularly debate-related) and resume/personal statement editing workshops

  • Career Development mentorship and workshops(especially in common careers for debaters such as law, research, and policy-making

  • Financial literacy tournament and workshops to learn key financial concepts

  • Leadership development workshops

Clear Lake

Ready to join us? Follow the steps below to get started. 

Does your school currently have a debate program?


If your school currently has a debate program and you are looking for extra coaching and resources either for your team or for yourself, fill out this form. 


If your school currently does not have a debate program and you would like to join debate, fill out this form. Our team will either connect you with an existing debate team that is independent of a school entity or help bring debate to your school. 

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