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What's more?

We are ambitious. Not only do we want to cover as many states as possible, we want to cover them in as much depth as possible. There is also more to debate than debate. Through RuDI, we want to give more support and resources to students residing in rural areas through our supplemental programs.

We see opportunities where others see difficulties.  We want to champion and leverage the assets unique to rural communities and rural individuals, such as their pride of place, close-knittedness, and diverse set of practical skills.

Graduation Ceremony

College Application

We want to provide assistance with college applications by giving students more information about scholarship offerings (particularly debate-related) and resume/personal statement editing workshops

Connected Forum

We want to build a nation-wide platform connecting rural students through an online forum, where students can share questions and experiences related to debate


"Debatify" the Classroom

We want to help debate become more than an after-school activity, and help high school teachers incorporate debate into their daily curriculum

Career Development

We want to give students more insight into potential career-development opportunities, especially in common careers for debaters such as law, research, and policy-making

Men with Calculator

Financial Literacy

We want to help students understand key financial literacy concepts and help them make critical financial decisions

Leadership Development

We want to give students more leadership opportunities in debate. This means giving students more power over how the debate programs at their schools are run, and how they want to fundraise for their own programs

If you are interested in helping us develop any of the above initiatives, please contact us through the contact form

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