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Are you part of a university debate program?

Are you part of a middle school or high school interested in joining RuDI?

Are you an individual or community partner interested in volunteering for or contributing to RuDI?

Become a Partner College Debate Program

College debate programs are our most important source of coaches. If you are a debate director, a head coach, or a member of a college debate program and would like to join us as a coach or talk more about potential partnerships, please fill out the contact form and one of our team members will follow-up with next steps.


Why partner with RuDI?

We are here to simplify the often costly and complicated process of starting and maintaining a competitive debate program. In addition to the cost of hiring coaches and purchasing materials, competing at 1 major debate tournament for 1 team could mean:


2 * $150 (2 hotel rooms for 2 nights, one for the team one for the coach) + $100 (travel cost for 3) + $75 (tournament entry fee) + $400 (payment for coaches for 3 days of work) + 3 * $100 (meal for 3 for 3 days)


= $1,175 for one in-state tournament within driving distance

We are always looking to onboard new schools and students. If you are part of a high school (or middle school) that would like to join RuDI or learn more about RuDI, please book a time to speak with us here

You can also access a copy of our secondary school partnership presentation here


Become a Partner School

Ways to Contribute as an Individual

1. Become an individual volunteer

  • Regional Director

Regional Directors will serve as the pinnacle of our regional leadership team and coordinate and oversee all the regional program services of RuDI. 

  • Regional Outreach Ambassador

The role of the Regional Outreach Ambassador will be to help spread the word about the mission and objectives of RuDI to interested secondary schools and partner organizations.

  • Regional Coordinator

Our Regional Coordinators are responsible for most of the project management, program execution and fundraising support. They also serve as equity officers and process equity complaints and concerns. 

  • Regional Coaching Advisor

Our Regional Coaching Advisor will help us develop coaching and curriculum materials with a regional mindset, host training workshops and give directions to coaches. 

  • Coaches

Even though we typically work with institutions to source coaches, we welcome experienced individuals to become part of our coaching team as well. We are looking for experienced coaches willing to help draft and refine our curriculum materials. 

We are also looking for help in operational support, outreach, grant writing, fundraising, and website-building. 

If you are interested in any of the above, fill out the contact form and one of our team members will follow-up with next steps. 

  • Nonprofit Internship Program

Nonprofit Immersion Program for High School Students

2. Become a Mentor

In addition to providing debate coaching and support, we also plan to provide professional development support to students who are part of RuDI. If you are an experienced professional and would like to become one of our career mentors, please fill out the contact form and one of our team members will follow-up with next steps. 

3. Donate!

Even though our donation portal is not yet open, feel free to sign up for our listserv to receive updates about donations. 

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